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High-level experts facilitating scientific research

What does CTLS stand for?

Core:  are any type of core facility, research infrastructure or shared resource lab.
Technologies: are any kind of instrumentation, methodology and resources that support scientific research.
Life Sciences: are any field of expertise related to biology and biomedicine (see What is a Core Facility)

About us

Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) is a non-profit association that aims to bring together scientists, technical and administrative staff working in or in close association with shared resource laboratories, such as core facilities, technological platforms and research infrastructures.



There is strength in numbers and CTLS can act to improve the careers of core facility expert scientists in several ways. Through CTLS events and our webpages and social media we will act as a forum for CF staff to network, share ideas and promote best practice and  advocate the importance of CFs in modern life sciences.

What is a Core?

A core facility is a center of expertise in a particular technology necessary to modern life science research. In the past, even as recently as the 1980s, scientists could reasonably be expected to have mastered all the different technologies to conduct their research.

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